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About Stavera Build Tech

Our firm has been established as STAVERA BUILD TECH by the first generation entrepreneur. The firm has been established with idea of serving various industries and has already executed number of works directly or through other agencies. STAVERA BUILD TECH is a team that provide solutions in Acoustics, Interiors & Audio/Video for Multiplex Theaters, Residential, Auditorium, Multipurpose hall, Mini theaters, corporate segments.

Since its inception in late 2010, the team has worked with Acoustics, Systems Integrators, Home entertainment System & audio/video solutions for the residential, commercial and corporate automation industry. Today our firm has evolved from providing Complete Acoustics Solutions & audio/video, Lighting & Automation solutions in proprietor with well-established industry experts.

Our Team

The team has relevant certifications from manufacturers and a collective experience of over 10+ years.

Acoustics is the study of the physics of sound. Acoustics in buildings is concerned with controlling the intensity and propagation of sound inside a building. It is implemented to allow pleasant sounds in an enclosed space and to reduce echoes / noise within the space and so on.

Our range of products certainly enhances the aesthetics of your infrastructure adding a very captivating ambience. We provide acoustic treatment with our state-of-the-art design and unique products that is designed to strike a balance between Acoustic Performance and Aesthetics.

Acoustics is also concerned with suppressing sounds coming from sources outside the building such as sounds from a bustling street of people and traffic. Whether in our homes, at work or at leisure, our lives are constantly affected by an ever-increasing number of noise sources such as televisions, kitchen appliances, neighbors’, traffic, industry – all of it is defined as noise pollution.